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People say: This is the world’s most exciting and innovative fly fishing rod concept. The Zense rod comes with new ultra-strong and resilient blanks, stronger handle, and stronger titanium guides. To withstand great stress and power exertion, the handle is made by high-modular carbon-based materials, with extreme strength and low weight.

The ArcticSilver USA Free-Flex rods are based on the most advanced, high technological, progressive quality nano-carbon blanks available. The design-protected Quick-Lock system is a user-friendly reel seat with a spring-loaded lock system that locks the reel into place. With one simple movement, it secures and firmly holds the reel in position. The Quick-Lock system is 100% CNC-machined and made out of aluminum 6061 with a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm. All aluminum parts are corrosion-treated with a Hard Anodizing process. The ultra-strong ceramic stripping guides match the delicate matte charcoal blanks. All of the snake guides are incredibly lightweight and made from pure titanium. The rods themselves are built on 4-piece blanks.

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OUr Fly fishing rod 

Free-Flex Feeling

What is the essence of fly fishing and fly casting? The opinion differs from person to person, but we might agree about some basics here. You can cast with a totally stiff stick and you will still manage to get the line out there, but it gives you no feeling.
Is it about the interaction between you and the rod, the presentation and the fight with the fish....right?

We have tried to combine the best of both worlds. On one hand, a "cane-feeling", and on the other hand, super modern, resilient nano blanks materials. The feeling of our Free-Flex concept has to be experienced, and you might experience a significant difference.

It’s all in the magic of casting with a deeply arced fly rod and fighting fish that put a bend straight into the handle. Believe those who have tried, it will have you smiling!  They say: “It hits the nerve of what fly fishing is all about!”

more feeling
more fun!

the unique feeling.

The innovative Free-Flex concept is based on a simple but logical principle: That a rod’s power potential lies in the butt section of the blank. Experienced casting instructors all over the world have repeated this school of thought for years - and with good reason.

The ArcticSilver USA rods use the full power potential of the blank by allowing it to bend freely inside a hollow Free-Flex handle. This lets you load the rod all the way into the butt section of the blank, where the rod’s power potential is stored. Simple...yes, and it works.  The result is a blank charged with energy more efficiently and effortlessly – something that is easily felt, and something that translates into a unique feeling during casting and fight with the fish.

The design-protected Quick-Lock system is a simple- and smart reel seat with a user-friendly spring-loaded system that locks the reel firmly into place. With one simple movement, it secures and holds the reel in position. The Quick-Lock system is 100% CNC-machined and made out of high-tolerance, saltwater-resistant aluminum 6061.