Although I grew up in Montana, I was not a fly fisherman. Fly fishing always seemed too intimidating to me and required too much skill. In the spring of 2020, I was introduced to the ArcticSilver rods and lines. The experience was revolutionary. Within a single afternoon, I not only felt like I mastered the rod but was easily outperforming other experienced fly fisherman using high end rods.

By the end of my fly fishing trip, I even had professional fly fishing guides coming up to me asking me about the rod and how many years had I been fly fishing. When I told them that I had been fly fishing about a week, they didn’t believe me – until they tried it. The best part was watching my 14-yr old son learn as fast as I did. I cannot say enough good things about the ArcticSilver rods and lines.

Simply amazing!

Published by
Michael Harkin
NEW (but avid) fly fishermen