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Microdiameter and Compact 2.0


Micro Diameter Fly Lines

Modern and Traditional

The success behind our innovative fly lines is our MicroDiameter (MD) running line, which is the thinnest line available on the market!

The thin running line causes less friction against your fly rods guides and less wind disturbance. Your MD fly line will “shoot” extremely efficient and ensure longer casts with less effort. 

The design of our fly lines provides you with what is most important when fly fishing – having THE FLY out there IN THE WATER as much as possible. 

MD fly line BENEFITS:

Effortless casting also in windy conditions.

Longer casts due to less resistance against guides and wind.​

More line space on your fly reel.

The Green Velvet

With its medium long belly (10,9 meter) and a delicate taper this fly line is designed for careful presentation at various distances with little use of power. Long and smooth flights, tight loops and little water disturbance when landing and stripping your fly! This desirable mix of distance and precision will increase your chances of catching the fish of your dreams. 

GreenVelvet – BENEFITS:

  • Long and smooth flights with tight loops.

  • Little water disturbance when landing your fly.

  • Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting.

The Color Code

The unique color code helps you identify the line on your fly reel with one quick look.

Each weight class has it`s own color code, which you find both on your fly rod and on the running line / loop of your fly line. Weight #6 is blue – so all class 6 fly lines have a blue running line /loop. Now you just have to learn the belly color of your fly line series and density and with one quick look you know which fly line is on your fly reel – never search for unreadable print codes on your fly line again!


A bad workman blames his tools. A bad fisherman blames his tools, the weather, wind interference, lazy fish, his star sign and the rotation of the Earth.

Don’t be a bad fisherman.


Innovation meets tradition when using ArcticSilver’s internationally patented Free-Flex system.

Cast farther with minimal effort.

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