#8 MD Floating line // Single Handed 
Specifications: Grey/light-orange
head: 10,9 m/ 33 ft length: 30m/98 ft
head: 18,5 grams

ArcticSilver MD Line benefits:
• Improved energy transfer
• High line speed
• Less spray on pick ups
• Less water disturbance
• Straighter casts
• Low diameter helps cut through wind
• Low diameter allows for more space on your reel
• Strong braided core with tough bonding to the coating
• Strong, welded microloops on both ends
• Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting

#8 MD Float

$98.89 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
  • The MD fly lines will work with any rod. But the combination of the Free-Flex concept and MD lines are a perfect match, the lines having been tuned with each rod in the ASI-range. These two innovations make casting easier and less power consuming on their own: The combination even more so! Flycasting made easy!