its all about the physics and functionality

“The power potential lies in the rod’s butt section”. Experienced casting instruct- ors all over the world have repeated this school of thought for years - and with good reason. Our Free-Flex fly rods are based on the basic principles of physics. Our progressive blanks are designed to flex and load during casting in accordance with the energy and force applied. On conventional rods, the full length of the handle is glued directly onto the blank with hardening glue precisely where the blank’s power potential is the greatest. When obstructing an elastic object, which is designed to bend, the flex and power utilization is inhibited. This simple fact has been our starting point. The Free-Flex handle is a hollow construction that allows the blank to move 100% freely in an open chamber. The result is a blank charged with energy more efficiently and effortlessly – something that is easily felt in comparison with conventional rods. To be able to withstand stress and power exertion, the handle is cast in high-modular carbon materials, which are extremely strong and aid in stability. To make the most of the innovative handle concept, our Free-Flex rods are built on progres- sive, high-quality blanks with great directional stability. After test-casting our Free-Flex rods, experienced fly-fishermen have given our concept the same positive reviews: “The Free-Flex rods are capable of loading effort- lessly all the way into the butt section of the handle. They have consider- able power reserves, are sensitive and precise”. You will feel the difference!