My intrigue was awoken already some years ago when I saw it for the first time! I saw a picture of a rod that didn’t look like anything I had seen before, and I must say that it looked rather different! I thought at that time what an unusual handle but an extremely exciting idea, and I, therefore, experienced great joy when I stood there on Møn, Denmark and could finally hold the handle of an ArcticSilver Coast #6.

I was at first surprised as to how deep the rod worked and how it sat in my hand, but at the same time how it had more than enough power to cast out the whole line, just as well as my normal companion, a sage Method #6. these rods can in no way be compared, so here is my view without comparing it to anything else…

The first thIng one notIces is what everyone says, the handle and reel seat!

I have tested the reel seat with the reels I have, a Redington delta, a Tibor Backcountry and a Tibor signature. The latter two reels have the same reel foot, but all sit ’glued’ in place. The rod handle can feel thick and chunky compared to conventional rod handles, but after a few casts, it doesn’t feel too bad, but rather quite comfortable!! anyway, I like it a lot, and extra cool when you feel the rod work all the way through the hollow handle. It ’s not slippery either with wet fingers.

The fly lines I have tested with the rod, are the lines I normally use. an Airflo ridge del-ta clear #5/6 and #6/7 and a Rio outbound #6. the line that was the perfect match for my casting style, was the ridge delta #6/7. the outbound was too aggressive for my taste, but a marvelous line for faster rods. the way the rod works whilst casting is an experience of its own (if you like deep, full actioned rods), and as said one can feel it work all the way to the end of the carbon handle! The coolest thing with the whole design is that the more force you use, the worse the cast. here it’s important to let the rod do the work and not the strength you have in your casting arm. this is the most comfortable difference between the rods I have cast before. I use smooth and controlled movements (which is the keyword), but need no more than 3-4 hauls before I shoot out the whole fly line. this confirms the potential which lays in the design, and as a bonus one doesn’t get a tired shoulder after a long day in the salt.

Something else that Is great fun is fighting a fish on this rod. It’s strangely good to feel the blank just touch your finger through the small openings at the top and bottom of the handle. the soft, fine full action doesn’t make the experience any worse either and is very sensitive regardless of whether the fish is 500g or 3kg+!!! It isn’t often anything negative is said about this rod and that some have questioned this, but in my opinion, this is a fantastic rod, so I’d like to congratulate Robert Selfors and the rest of ArcticSilver team with an awesome tool. Hunting fish with this rod is worth every penny! The only negative I can put my finger on was what Tommy said when he too tested the rod; a rod tube that doesn’t reflect the style of what’s inside. regardless I have got myself a great new friend to take fishing!!

Stian Transeth Johansen,