Arctic Silver’s Fonna Fly Rods combine flexibility with comfort to give an excellent fly fishing experience. Reviews describe it as intriguing and a totally new experience.


Every expert fly fisher knows just how vital your fishing rod is to both comfort and effectiveness while fishing and the actual fishing. It’s one of the most essential parts of your fishing gear and an investment you’ll be grateful you made. Being able to precisely cast and place your bait properly without spooking fish is also dependent on the rightness and quality of your fishing rods.

Arctic Silver’s Newest Fly Fishing Rod, Fonna, is a champion when it comes to high-quality rods that guarantee effortless fly fishing and an amazing experience at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a fly rod that ensures that you’re in control of your fishing while being able to enjoy the flexibility that comes with the Free-Flex system, Arctic Silver’s Fonna Fly Rods give you that and so much more.

Choosing Your Fly Rods

Fishing rods can be chosen with regards to a few criteria:

Action Of The Fly Rods

Fly Rod action simply refers to how flexible a fly rod is, and based on this; fly rods can be categorized into fast-action, medium-action, and slow action.

Fast Action Fly Rods

Fast Action fly rods help to make longer casts, are powerful enough to withstand casting on windy days, and the power inherent in them makes casting easier. The #6 9″ Fonna Fast Fly Rod falls into this category.

Medium Action Fly Rods

These are the most versatile fly rods and are especially easier to use and learn with for beginners. Some fly rods can also be adjusted between fast and medium action to give the best of both experiences. If you have the chance to own just one fly rod, Arctic Silver’s #5 9″ Fonna Medium/Fast Fly Rod and #4 8,6″ Medium/Fast Fly Rod are great options.

Slow Action Fly Rods

These are quite flexible but sometimes lack the utility and versatility that the medium/fast fly rods utility and versatility. They are mainly used by anglers who primarily fish for small fish.

Weight Of The Fly Line

Getting a fly line that matches your fly rod and the size of the fly you plan to use is important to fish seamlessly and ensure line control. It is the weight of the fly line that casts the fly, and improper matching of lines and rods could lead to loss of precision and control.

Fly lines are usually numbered from #1(ultralight) to #14(heavy). Arctic Silver’s Fonna Fly Rods range from #4 to #7, giving you a versatile medium range that enables you to fish for different species comfortably, including panfish, trout, small fishes, and all brass fishes. The #4 and #5 are perfect for soft and slow presentations, with the #6 and #7 more suitable for long and fast action casts.

Length Of Fly Rods

The length of a fly rod affects how well it fishes and can range from 6″ to 11″. However, longer rods tend to be easier to use, cast across a long distance, give better line control, and are more flexible to use. Most of Arctic Silver’s Fonna Fly Rods are 9″, which makes them a winning choice for long casts, windy days, and every other fishing condition. Their 8.6″ Fonna fly rod is also ideal for general fishing in a variety of conditions.

Material Of The Fly Rods

Many fly rods are made with different materials that affect the rods’ weight, comfort, and flexibility.

Fonna Fly Rods are made with a carbon fiber mix consisting mainly of 40 Ton carbon with marginally increased thickness of the blank walls. The roll-on angles of the carbon sheets that make up the blanks are also optimized. The stripping guides on the rods are made of titanium and hard chrome-plated snake guides.

Why Arctic Silver’s Fonna Fly Rods?

Arctic Silver’s Fonna Fly Rods series comprises four top-quality rods that make an excellent combination of high-quality fly lines and guarantee excellence at fly fishing. Their deep bending Free-Flex System ensures that you thoroughly enjoy fishing without any strain on your body as you navigate the critical phases of fly fishing.

The Flex Profiles are also excellent and carefully chosen to secure the smoothness of unbroken bending curves. Aesthetically, the Fonna Fly Rod is also a winner, and its black wrapping, carbon color, and structure give it a modern rough look that appeals to any fly fisher.

If you’re looking for a top-notch, high-quality fly rod with the Free Flex Feeling but can’t afford the ZENSE model; the Arctic Silver’sFonna Fly Rods are perfect for you.