Fly Fishing Rods from Arctic Silver

Gen.2 of the world’s most exciting and innovative fly rod concept from Arctic Silver USA is now a reality. The patented ZENSE fly fishing rods are loaded with new ultra-strong and resilient blanks, stronger handle, and stronger titanium guides. To withstand great stress and power exertion, the handle is made by high-modular carbon-based materials, with extreme strength and low weight.


extreme strength


resilient blanks


low weight

Stein Gr0nberg

The ZENSE rods make it possible to cast with less power, and the rods are easily loaded with energy all the way into the handle. For all types of water casts, it is important to load the lower part of the rod, and therefore it works excellent. The fly lines are, in my opinion, one of the very best I’ve been fishing with, stretching well and presenting the fly where it is going. The new Intermediate Compact WF line has become my favorite for sea trout fishing this year. Lightweight with few blinds, and proper sync

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