Successful Crowdfunding

16th June 2014 //  For the first time in fly fishing history, a new brand and rod concept has come into existence as a result of a successful Crowd Funding Campaign.  With support from fly fishers all over the world, ArcticSilver have been able to raise capital for the production and development of perhaps the most exciting fly rod concept and innovation in decades.

We fly fishers are incredibly privileged.  Excitement, harmony, the opportunity to experience nature and great friendships provide the framework of a mutual passion.  A mutual passion that is shared by likeminded people all over the world.  It is this mutual passion that has been our driving force in the development of our new product range.


The interplay between the product and one’s own skills is crucial for our experiences – and not least the magical moments by the water.  With the Free-Flex concept, ArcticSilver have humbly created a completely new category of fly rods.  The design team has actively explored new territory in the developmental phase and broken many of conventional norms. The concept itself, however, builds on the basic logical mechanisms and physical laws of fly casting – and all the knowledge that has been accumulated by great fly fishers throughout the ages.

With the Free-Flex concept you can further develop your own personal casting skills without altering your casting style.  But you will be able to feel a considerable difference, the “Free-Flex feeling”!  With the Free-Flex concept, our goal is to help you experience many magical moments.

  • The concept, ”Free-Flex”, won the founder competition ”Pangstart” , and has received great economic support from Innovation Norway.  In the past five years, our increasingly bettered prototypes have been tested by tens of top national and international testers in Norwegian waters, the Kola Peninsula, Montana and in Canada.  The feedback has been uniformly positive.

  • The ArcticSilver Free-Flex rods challenge centuries of conventional norms regarding fly rod appearance, but its functionality is based on years of fly fishing traditions.  The Free-Flex handle improves energy translation because it allows the blank to move freely inside the hollow handle.  The result is a rod that ensures a deep action and good feeling due to the whole blank being charged. It allows you to tab into the full power potential of the blanks butt section, which gives you that extra punch needed for long and precise casts.


  • This is no ”Emperor’s new clothes-innovation”.  Leading Scandinavian fly fishing profiles have unanimously applauded the rods for their user-friendliness, functionality, increased accuracy and longer casts with less energy use than conventional rods.