Care and Maintenance

for your ArcticSilver USA Fly ROd

MAintenAnce And ROD cAre

Fly fishing often puts some real pressure on your gear, as do the forces of nature; humidity, varying temperatures, UV exposure, salt spray, sand, mud, and coral – they all take a toll on your beloved fly fishing equipment.

The ArcticSilver USA Free-Flex fly rods are built to handle the toughest of conditions, but like all rods in general, they will certainly benefit from some basic care and attention along the way.

Here are some useful tips that will help you look after your ArcticSilver USA fly rod:

ArcticSilver Fly Fishing
  • Avoid knocking the rod against hard surfaces. Even small scratches and nicks will put a strain on the blank’s fibers, and it can ultimately lead to rod breakage.
  • Rinse your fly rod in fresh water after each fishing trip – especially if you’re fly fishing in saltwater. Saltwater is particularly harsh on guides and aluminum elements.
  • Do not try to open the Quick-Lock system. It requires special equipment/tools, and it may be damaged if you use a regular screwdriver or similar.
  • Don’t ever put the fly rod into a wet or moist rod sleeve or rod tube. Trapped moisture can eventually take its toll on not only the lacquer but also the guides and Quick-Lock system. Moisture can cause rot, which can damage the rod sleeve
  • Avoid stowing your rod away in the rod tube, unless you are completely certain that there is no trapped humidity inside

  • Every once in a while, use a toothbrush (or similar) and some fresh water to clean the Quick-Lock system. This is to prevent the Quick-Lock mechanism being damaged by invasive particles e.g. salt, sand, mud, coral. You can also apply some lubricant to the system. We recommend grease

  • To avoid rod sections getting helplessly stuck, use some ferrule wax, or paraffin (candle wax) on the male ferrules

  • If rod sections get stuck, never use the guides for improved grip. It can lead to seriously damaging them. Also, avoid twisting the rod sections apart, they should only be pulled apart cleanly. If two-rod sections do get stuck, try pouring some warm water on the ferules and use a pair of latex gloves for improved grip. This will usually do the trick

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