Innovative Fly Rod Now in the U.S.

A whole new kind of fly rod has hit the market in the U.S., and it’s got the promise of an all-out game-changer.

We’re talking about the ArcticSilver Zense rod, which has earned quite the following in Scandinavia, where this revolutionary piece of tackle originates. The rod is meant to make casting farther and longer easier: ideal for those dealing with injuries or hampered movement in their arms, shoulders, or hands; for older anglers accepting that universal decline in strength and stamina; and, really, for any fly fishing junkies interested in maximizing their efficiency and extending their enjoyment of the sport.

More Power, Farther Casts, Less Effort: The Magic Combination of the ArcticSilver Fly Rod & its Free-Flex Handle

Robert Selfors created the ArcticSilver rod when chronic tendinitis threatened to limit his lifelong passion for fly fishing. That’s an issue more than a few dyed-in-the-wool anglers face after years of intense casting, reeling, and hauling. Selfors strove to develop a fly rod that not only eased the strain of casting, but also more fully tapped the power impulse that’s conveyed from wrist to blanks to line.

Aided by the Norway-based research organization SINTEF, Selfors came up with the ArcticSilver Zense rod’s groundbreaking Free-Flex handle. Its design was inspired by Selfors’ memory of a casting instructor who emphasized that a fly rod’s power source was located at its butt end. Realizing a traditional fly rod’s cork handle—rigidly glued to the blank—ultimately limits an angler’s ability to tap into that power, Selfors and SINTEF devised the hollow Free-Flex handle, which allows the bottom of the blank to freely move within and thus boosts the impulse passing through the rod and down the line.

This translates to a rod requiring less effort to cast longer distances. And that, in turn, shakes out to less wear-and-tear on the ol’ bod, a deeper and longer reach on the water, and the potential for fuller days—and that many more years—of happy fly fishing.

The Advanced Construction of the ArcticSilver Fly Fishing Rod

Its innovative handle design is one thing, but the ArcticSilver rod fulfills its full potential thanks to overall topnotch construction. The nano-carbon blanks are incredibly strong, as are the ceramic stripping guides; the snake guides, meanwhile, are pure, lightweight titanium. The intuitive Quick-Lock System provides a foolproof reel seat made from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum.

The whole shebang is an incredibly sensitive rod that sees your minimal exertion produce a far-sailing line, and a new level of connectedness between your grip and the rush and bite of the fish you’re after.

The Zense Rod by ArcticSilver Hits America

The ArcticSilver Zense fly fishing rod officially arrived on U.S. shores this past January, which means stateside fly fishers now have the opportunity to give this 21st-century fly rod a try. Whether you’re prowling New England trout streams, stalking steelhead on Northwest rivers, or drifting the tarpon backcountry of the Florida Keys, there’s a good chance the Free-Flex handle is going to transform—very much for the better—this incomparably elegant and skillful form of angling you’re (understandably) obsessed with.

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